mE To aLL

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's hard

It's easy to listen, it's easy to smile, to laugh, to cry, to act, to love, to dare, but it never been easy to feel. You can fool people, and you can even fool your mind, but you can never fool your heart. Please you have to know this. A heart is not a red piece of blood and flesh, that is responsible for your circulatory system. A heart is where all the feelings gather and meet, I guess that's obvious and known to many people, and thanks God for that. But what was not obvious to people is that a heart can actually think, behave and act, you might agree on this but at the same time you can't remember the last time you thought from your heart, you just know it but you actually don't really consider it or maybe you believe that the brain is safer for you, I can understand that. But you should understand as well, that the heart could be the reason why your brain can become with so much brilliant ideas. If you're a doctor, what makes you want to save every patient? Isn't it the fear of failing, if that your case, can that fear come from your brain? You're a lawyer, what makes you want to put the criminal in prison? Is it you brain who tells you that the criminal should be in prison for life, or is it the feeling of righteousness that tells you that. So, you're nothing without your heart, it's like your refrigerator without an electricity. You see all this civilizations, all this high sky buildings, all this beautiful cities at night, all this technology, they all worth absolutely nothing without an electricity. The same thing with yourself. So far, it's easy for you to understand all this, but it's so hard for you to use it. Your heart always think that you should be a doctor so people will respect you, your heart always think that you should be a lawyer so people will think you're smart and very needed in particular times. But your heart have never thought that you should be a lawyer for defending justice, not defending for who does pay you money. Your heart never thought that you should be a doctor to help every poor one who have no health insurance to guarantee his or her life, not only for those who have insurance or the very important persons in the city. So it's hard, it's hard to fool your feelings, I know that your heart think about it at least for a second, but your smart brain keep ignoring it, it's hard to leave all the so called education institutions and start to believe in something with no math for it. But it's even harder to live in falsehood, it's even harder for not becoming someone that your heart know it's the best for you. Life is cruel, and life is in your heart, don't let your heart cruel, don't let your heart like what the world is today. Harsh, judgmental and violent. To me, that's the hardest way of life that a human being can ever live. I can understand why people want to live a negative lifestyle, it's safer. But what's safer really means to you? To me, as long as I live the lifestyle that my honest heart know it's the pure best, this is the safest way to me, even if the whole world are against me, at least I'll dye smiling.

Death is not that bad

Why am I dying to live if I'm only living to dye? Sometimes I don't think about death, it's like there's no death, or it's too far, maybe 'till then, there would be a new device that will make us live for ever, or at least longer. Anyway, I forget death, I don't think about death, it's good actually, but in what way exactly? Is it because I'm afraid of death, and the idea of it scares me. Or is it because I think that death is a necessarily ending for me, for all of us. I had a problem before, I used to stay calm when students beat me and push me, I used to shut my mouth when the baker give the bred to another buyer who came after me, I used to prefer to stay out of problems because I might end up in a hospital. Then, I've grew up, I've changed, I've realized that the fear inside me couldn't let me feel free, happy and safe. I've become to know that I'm part of this life, part of this disease. So I should deal with it, I should fight, I should educate myself, arm myself, and be prepared all the time. If I don't do this, who will educate me? Who will protect me? Who will be there ready to help me? I won't let some government tells me how to think or how to act, it's my life, not theirs. I was tired from people telling me to drink this, eat this, don't do this, don't go there, don't buy this, don't get married, or, it's early for you, it's too much for you, leave it to professionals, scientists know better, live normal, get a life, don't bother yourself. And I hate this one the most ''why you care man?''.

However, I lived an illusion life, a negative lifestyle, because I was afraid, I was afraid of going out at night so I wouldn't get stabbed by a thief, I used to live in a great fear without realizing that I was a fool by being like this, I feel petty on myself when I remember these days. I thought if I do this, I'll live longer, I'll guarantee my life, but was I living? I rather to live one day like a man than to live a whole life like a coward. But I didn't know this, I was a kid, I used to listen to older people, watch them and observe them. Now, I'm 21 years old, and they were lost, thank God I'm not going to be like them, disturbed and worried all the time. They think that values are subjectives, something that should be left aside. Therefor, they can't tell what's really true and what's not, they only know how to fight to live, they work hard and harder but only few reach up around many, so they believe in luck, and I don't believe in luck. I look at the great figures through our history who gave their lives to send a true message, they have suffered but never stopped, and some of them died at a very young age, they've been threatened to dye but they were never afraid from death. This kind of people are still out there trying to tell us something, their lives are in jeopardy but no one cares as long as it's not him who's dying, or maybe the media don't want us to hear them.

So I don't care if I dye tomorrow, as long as I did what please my heart today. Why am I living and living for no good reason. To get a job in a company is not good enough, I want to make my own path, my own destiny. I'll keep living to fight 'till there's no reason to fight, I'll keep making better values. And be honest with myself if I'm living to please people or to please myself by making people pleased.

Let them shoot me, stab me, blow me. Death is death, I was born to dye, and I dye to live again, but I'll never dye again. It doesn't matter how long can I live, what matter is what have I done in my life, what reflects have I left. Because life it's too short, but my accomplishments could stay for thousands of years. I admit that death is a misfortune, yeah death is a great misfortune, but only for those who have done nothing in their lives except competing others. I also compete, but I compete to give more, to be a trustworthy, to speak the truth, to be loved even more. Not competing to have the fastest car, the nicest job, or to be a famous, or to be the funniest by telling lies.

To conclude, death would always wait for me on the finished line in a race competition, whether I was running fast or slow, the road have no other direction. So I'd rather to be ready than to fool myself by being slower.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The poor business

Poor societies are there, or poor groups are also there, many countries have problems to supply importunities and chances to work, and many countries aren't doing their duty right. Therefor, you see people living in the streets, family that can't afford to feed their children, robbery conditions, rights abusing, drugged youths, wickedness and of course all the talents fly away with the wends, it's so sad. I don't blame the society if the government are stealing from them, but I blame the society that their government are so rich and there are many poor families but no one care about them , don't you want to make change. However, we can change it, by supplying them food and cloths, institution and creativity listens, caring and love, happiness and a smile. We can do all that for them, that's at least what we can do, we have the ability to make no one is poor, and everyone knows how, and I don't need to tell you how. When you become the reason of someone's joy, this nature will take it course and the joy would comeback to you, but much more. Your life will become full of joy and laughter, full of relieve and comfort, full of good and angels surrounding you. Don't you want that? Reduce you spending on useless and meaningless things, I know you can spend some for the poor, and only here you can buy happiness, by making another family feels much better.

I'm studying business, and I will make the best business ever, which make me very happy while I'm sitting on my couch, it's the easiest marketing and the best income, which is my happiness. My capital is spreading the message and earn the best helpful company, my land's rent would be in people's heart, my labors are one love, my profit is justice, my highest point is heaven, my factory is in every house, my service is for free, my recourses are from you, you're the one who's going to see the change then, and begin to understand the world better. So help me, your salary would be the highest and the best joyful, your interest is a happy family you going to have, your work time is for you to devote, your profit is this world and the world after, your insurance is God and what more can you ask. Don't worry, money is not going to be an issue, because we all going to earn more than enough, it's the most guarantee business, it never cost a lost. We're going to have the best technology to make our service better and easier, we also going to rent the highest floor on earth to make our business look serious and compete with all the businesses beneath us, all branches will be spreading in every corner like KFC branches. Also, we'll use all the talents of the world to support us, such as, musicians, athletes, actors and the creative minds to impress the world. Moreover, we'll invade the Media, we'll show them a true music and a true stories (movies), we'll remove all the illusions they've been into, and show them a better meaning of life through our tube by using the latest ways in order to be always ahead three steps, then who can stop us.

All this is not impossible at all, if we do it right and step by step, we can achieve it in several years. Therefor, there would be no children dying in hunger, no separated families and societies, no more wars, no more diseases and everyone will be happy. This is how easy it was, this is how to make the sky rains, this is how someone could be ignorant by ignoring all this. It's not my business, it's ours. Our symbol is one love, our logo is justice. And, that is only the beginning.

Are U racism?

Don't answer the question. Humans are meant to have many things in common, we got emotions to feel, minds to think, eyes to see, hearts to live. Also, we love money, forget many times, sleep to rest, like sex, enjoying the moments, make mistakes. These are our nature, you can't be something other than your human nature, it's like your physical body, you can't change your body, we were born with it. God have provided all this just to do our duty, which is our choice. Therefor, we should only care about what we able to do as humans, not what color we are, what region we're from, what nationality or what we worship, it's so down level to concentrate about this kind of things. My nationality is Yemeni and I was born there, but I've been living in Saudi Arabia since I was a baby, I only visited Yemen few times. In Yemen, they treating me as a Saudi, and in Saudi they treating me as a Yemeni, I've never felt I belong somewhere. What is this? Now I became to understand why always the foreign are more different, is because they've seen ignorants who stand for meaningless matters. Stop hating others, stop separating people, you're not different from them. Do you like from people to treat you in hatred? What if you visit another country and you got abused from them, maybe you'd understand then. Wars are enraged, women get raped, children are dying, homes are destroyed, and you still want to dislike that foreign guy, who are you? I hate to talk about racism, I've never got abused from someone, maybe I feel it a bit sometimes but I'm sure there are others who have seen the worst from racism, I'm not a sided person, I don't call my self Yemeni or Saudi, I can't see what I am getting from this, but I prefer to call my self a human with believes who make sure everyone are having a good time. Treat people the same way you want them to treat you, leave the separating job for the proud ignorant and get a real life. Yeah, love your country and fight for it but love your humanity more. However, I was talking about the highest level of racism, there are levels in racism, and each one of them is from darkness, or Satan. Second level, which is the middle level, it's like something you got against some particular group. Such as, Russians, many people take them as the enemy of the world, they don't even know what they're talking about, or Africans, we tread them as criminals and thieves, it's wrong. There are many of them and we can't judge all of them because some of them did something wrong, and they're excused when we look at their condition. Third level, it's the lowest level, this one is becoming normal these days, which is when someone take a higher position than you, you'd get sensitive about it because he's father immigrated to your country long time ago, so you deserve that position more because your family somehow are more native, or a company owner prefer locals more than loyal intelligent international people. We're living in one world, we're receiving the same information, we also start to ware the exact same cloths, we're becoming one society everyday, the whole world is becoming one village now. However, To be not racist, we have to understand one thing, that is one love. If we work, play and help with each other, everyone will be happy, why we prefer to be more envier and prouder with each other thinking this is the better way to live or to be accepted by the society. I've met many people from many different regions, I only see their attitudes and their principles, not their religion, color, appearance, financial status or their positions. If they respect me, then I shell respect them to.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


They're asking them selves, how could someone be lovable, strong, sweet, smart, cute and happy at the same time? Most people think life is unfair, therefor, they hardly imagine a successful marriage, a bride future, helpful hands, a happy mother, a caring wealthy person, a lovable neighbor or a true love that last forever. They used to see negative kind of images all the time. Of course, I blame the media for showing only this kind of life images to the public, very rarely we see the good opposite. However, I have the solution for all, I have the key to that bride door, which is the ''thankful'' door. Being thankful opens many paths for you, it's only a word that comes from the heart and shines with a smile. Saying it is not what I mean, I mean by actions. For example, if someone did a favor to you, you should be very thankful about it and start to treat that person better. Or, you're a wife, you have children, but you miss the old single days, and start to regrade about getting married, what about your beautiful family that many wish to have, what about the moments you share with your children and your caring husband who work hard for you and for your children, you should look at this side and be thankful about it. You see, when you start to be thankful about your life and think about those who have enough problems, you'd feel lucky. Don't be selfish, you're not alone, this world can get onto your head, but you don't want that, be thankful for what you have got and continue dreaming. Also, thank people all the time, in the market, the malls, the streets, especially your mother who took care of you, and everyone. I don't know how could someone treat his mother badly, you will never find someone who loves you more than your mother, she raised you, feed you and loved you and you're not feeling thankful about it? When you start to be thankful, you'd automatically become a better person. Why you always think the rich man is a selfish proud person, the beautiful woman loves only rich people, the wife or husband could stop loving you in the future, or Michael Jackson is not innocence from the rumors. Free your mind from these negative images and images and start to see the world in a better way. There are many good people around the world, you just be one of them. Moreover, thank God for giving you everything you've been dreaming for. God created this world for you to lead, you're the one who's going to get whatever you want during your life time, it has been your choice all the time. But, when you start to get or become what you wanted, be thankful about it and you will be greeted with even more and more. Be careful, many people become proud of them selves, as they're the one who made it happen with no one's help, they're not thankful, and they're not lovable, poor them. Anyone can have what he or she wants. So, you can be lovable stronger and sweeter and smarter and cuter and happier at the same time, by being thankful.

Have a break have a confidence

If someone has confidence, what more can he or she ask. As mentioned before, you're living your own world, you know your world better than anyone else, don't be afraid from anyone, because no one knows your world better than you do, let them be philosophers about you, they still don't know. Be confident about your self, follow your goal. One of the main problem in humanity that there is no understanding, if someone said that he saw a demon, no one would believe him, yeah maybe he was imagining or something, but why we block our minds from anything that not familiar to us, let's have the freedom of imagination, this world is full fantasies, believe it or not. However, no matter how your goal looks like, if you believe it's possible to achieve, then do it, be confident. Many people think money is the key of everything, that's exactly what making them blind. Money is a tool, but it's not a goal. In the other hand, it doesn't mean that you're always right, we all could be wrong. Of course, our goals remain the same but the way we think about it could be wrong. For instant, some girl wants to be a famous singer, but she doesn't know the singer responsibilities, she just have a good voice and she think she deserve to be a celebrity. That's called misunderstood the goal, many people when they reach their goals they get disappointed and claim that life is not fair. Do you see now how media can ruin your life so simply? Study your goal, look at your goals from many different corners, have a confidence and then create your idea. Don't create your ideas before you found your confidence, you can't earn confidence if you haven't looked at your goal from different corners and you would be a pointless person if you don't study your matter or goal. When I tell my friends about my book, they find it hard to believe, or no one would read it, but I have a confidence that my book is going to be huge, because I've studied my goal, I saw the world from many and many different corners, I earned the confidence and then I created my idea, which is this book. Having a confidence feels great, you can swear that there is something boiling inside you when you become confident about your self, confidence is an energy, a sweet energy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


life is about options and choices, you're simply the architect of your own life, but at the same time so weak you are, higher people can scare you and control you, so we do according to their decisions. It's normal, there must be a government who make decisions and a public to follow, as long as it's fair for everyone and the public agree with it, it's okay. At the same time, anyone have absolute freedom as long as he or she didn't across the line, you can choose to be whatever you want, if you feel for one second that your rights are been taken without you notice, stand up, it's your right to do that anyway. What I am trying to reach is, you have many doors to go in, but don't choose one door for your self, this could cover the truth from your eyes, you have to go inside many doors, and leave many others. The new generation we see is one door generation, which is the party, fame, sex, video games and the latest fashion, this is only what they know, if you ask them the simplest questions on earth, they would be like''aaaah!'', we have to see other doors and be curious what inside them, life becomes very boring when we stick with one door only, be a various person, be unique, the door that you don't like, close it, there are many other wonderful doors, it's like leaving the darkness and having only light. Also, knowledge is power, how could you beat someone if you don't have enough knowledge about anything, it's not hard, you don't have to do memorizing all day to gain knowledge, you just read about what you're interested in, and general knowledge which don't need books, such as newspaper, magazine, some documentary movies, and all this your mind automatically will memorize it, it's like a movie you loved so much that you will never forget the ending until your last breath. Moreover, door is not only getting knowledge, but also more values, which is more important than everything. Doors are options, options are choices, choices are many, many can be bad or good, you choose, between fear or love, generous or cheep, brave or scared, justice or injustice, it's always been your choice, all what you have to do is to find the keys for these doors, and life will become in your hand, not anymore in your heart.